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Requirement Visa Application | UNITED KINGDOM (UK)




Jl. Patra Kuningan Raya Blok L 5 – 6

Jakarta 12950 | Indonesia

Telp : +62 21 2356-5200

Fax : +62 21 2356-5351

Email :  


Monday – Thursday : 07:30 – 16.00

Friday : 07:30 – 13.00
Closed on Saturdays, Sunday & Indonesian public holidays




  1. Fill and print the online form (Visa Application must be filled in English)

  2. Passport validity of minimum 6 months from estimated arrival date

  3. Newest Photo with 3,5 x 4,5 size = 2 sheets, with white background, using photo paper with good quality and clear proportional face.

  4. Sponsorship letters in English from company where applicant works. If there is more person/family joining the trip then you can add their name and status on the letter.

  • Copy of SIUP (Owner) in English must be added if the applicant is General Manager, Director, President Director or Commissioner

  • If the applicant is business owner and not having official letterhead then please type the letter in English with company’s stamp and attach copy of SIUP(Owner) in English

  • If the applicant is getting sponsor from his/her child, please attach copy of child birth certificate to prove the relationship with the child. → In English

  • If the applicant is getting sponsor from in law, please add copy of child married certificate and birth certificate to prove the relationship → In English.

  • If the applicant is retired, the letter can be written on paper In English and signed.

5. Copy of Last 3 Months of applicant’s bank statement ( with clear name and account number, until last transactions) minimum IDR. 50 Millions/ person

6. Original letter of reference from bank in English. If the bank statements is published by BCA and then the reference letter must come from BCA too. The content of letter must mention applicant’s name, account number, total and beginning of transactions.

7. Copy of Family Card (Kartu Keluarga) → in English

8. If the passport name is different from the applicant data, please attach copy of Certificate of Change of Name (Surat Ganti Nama) → In English.

9. Copy of Marriage Certificate (Akte Nikah) → In English

10. If applicant’s wife is joining the trip, attach copy of married certificate → In English

11. If applicant’s child is joining the trip and still actively school, then you can add:

  • Copy of Student Card ( Kartu Pelajar )

  • Original Confirmation Letter from School(Surat Keterangan Sekolah) in English

  • Copy of Birth Certificate (Akte Kelahiran) In English

12. If applicant’s child lives in United Kingdom, please attach copy passport, visa, birth certificate and letter of invitation in English

13.Ticket reservation print out

14. If the Visa has been refused by another country, the applicant must make letter of refusal with official stamp ( in addition to an official rejection letter from the Embassy)

15. The applicant must come to do Biometrics

16. Biometrics Address : Pusat Visa Aplikasi UK  PT VFS Services Indonesia Kuningan City Mall, Lantai 2 Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 8 Jakarta

17. Applicant can make an appointment online on (Appointment Biometric UK)

18. For Tourist Priority Visa, the applicant must already have Schengen Visa. USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. 19. Those visas have been used for departure and there is a history of its departure in the past 2 years

20. Upon arrival in the UK, you must bring a vaccine certificate from PeduliLindung and the results of the PCR test 72 hours before arrival in the UK.

21. The types of vaccines accepted by the UK are: Moderna, Oxford/AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BionTech, Janssen


  • *Above Prices Are Subject To Change At Any Time Without Prior Notice

  • Prices Do Not Include VAT 1%

  • Form Visa

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